Extended Profiles

[Draft prepared for publication in the BuddyPress Codex]

Highlight the best of your community members by creating an unlimited number of Extended Profile (xProfile) Fields and/or groups of Extended Profile Fields custom-made for your social network.

To start creating xProfile fields, go to dashboard menu Users > Profile Fields. If you have a multisite installation with BuddyPress activated network-wide via Network Admin > Plugins, you’ll find the Profile Fields admin screen via Network Admin > Users > Profile Fields


Add New xProfile Field

Fields marked * are required.
Fields in the “Base” (Primary) group will appear on the signup/register page.


  • Field Title*
  • Field Description
  • Is this field required?

    • Not Required
    • Required
  • Field Type:


    • Single Line Text Box
    • Multi-line Text Box
    • Date Selector
    • Radio Buttons
    • Dropdown Select Box
    • Multiple Select Box
    • Checkboxes
  • Default Visibility

    • Anyone (default)
    • Logged In Users
    • Admins Only
    • My Friends
  • Per-Member Visibility

    • Let members change this field’s visibility {default)
    • Enforce the default visibility for all members
  • Save button, Cancel link
  • Edit Group button – allows you add, remove, move or change any xProfile field in the specific xProfile Group
  • Name (Primary)(Required) Field – Nice Name
  • Edit Field button – opens up a new screen

    • Field Name (Required)
    • Field Description

    Add New Field Group

    The button is located beside the Profile Fields component title. Click on button to create a new Profile Group where you can later add more xProfile Fields

    • Title of xProfile Field Group
    • (Field) Group Description
    • Create Field Group button or Cancel link

    Rearranging xProfile Fields or Field Groups

    xProfile Fields:
    You can change the order by which xProfile Field/s show up in the Registration Form or in the Member’s Profile area by dragging the field up or down within the field group to the preferred location.


    xProfile Field Groups:
    You can change the order by which your xProfile Field Groups show up in Member’s Profile area by dragging the Group Tab to the left or right in Users > Profile Fields screen. Remember that only the Base (Primary) Field Group shows up in the Registration Form.



    Walkthrough: Create Extended Profile Fields and Profile Groups

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