Fresh Install of WP 3.0 beta 2


1. Installation is same as regular WP … WPMU is so much easier to install 🙂 … add information required in wp-config.php and run the 5-minute installation.

2. Went to Tools > Network to enable multisite in subdirectory mode and got the easy instructions above to insert info in wp-config.php and in .htaccess

Easy enough to make the revision for wp-config.php. I found however, that the .htaccess file was not generated for this installation. Strange, considering that I have never had any problems with this server for WPMU installations since way back. There’s no htaccess.dist file in WP 3.0 beta 2, unlike we did in WPMU. In any case, created the .htaccess file with info required, and uploaded to root. Worked like a charm.

Database after 5-minute install plus some minutes for enabling multisite

Checked database after installation and got the screenshot on the left: 17 tables in this first round. Same as a fresh WPMU install, but instead of wp_1_xxxxx, I just get the single install wp_xxxxxx. In any case, the adventure continues.


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